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Busy Woman’s Tips: Try These Life Hacks for a Fun and Productive Summer

Posted By Administration, Monday, June 12, 2017

Productivity Hacks

1.    Make a to-do list ― but do it right:  Writing a to-do list is often the first logical step in a productive day, but doing it right is harder than it sounds. Productivity experts warn about the dangers of overloading your list by putting too many large tasks on it. Breaking your day down into small, manageable items that you can actually complete help you map out what you need to get done and set yourself up for success. Instead of writing “finish project,” on your list, break a big task up into smaller steps such as “make three Powerpoint slides” or “write two pages of report.” After all, there’s nothing more satisfying than crossing an item off your to-do list. Except, perhaps, finishing the list altogether.

2.    Grab a Healthy Snack:  The source of renewed productivity may lie in your stomach. A 2015 study published in the British Journal of Health Psychology found that young adults who ate more fruits and vegetables reported increased levels of creativity, curiosity and well-being. Making healthy snack and meal choices can be a simple but powerful way to accomplish tasks and get your creative juices flowing. Check out these healthy snack ideasif you’re looking for a way to boost that brainpower.

3.    Have a Swedish Fika or take a nap.  Have your hot beverage and a baked good as the swedes do every day.  But the meaning behind this break is more than what it appears to be. It's about unplugging from your electronics and taking a moment to unwind. It doesn't matter where you do it or if you're alone or with friends — what matters is that you make time to decompress.  Better yet, take a nap.  Tell this to your boss the next time he or she thinks you’re sleeping on the job. Napping has been shown to increase alertness, improve creativity and boost productivity ― all of which will do wonders for your work day.

4.    Schedule a walking meeting.  Exercise, fresh air, no computer... what more could you want? Emerging research shows that walking meetings can boost creativity and engagement.  Company leaders, from Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg to Twitter’s Jack Dorsey, are also big fans. But if that still doesn’t convince you, maybe this will: Studies show walking can drastically improve your health and boost your mental well-being.

5.    Keep a minimalist/streamlined office.  Research shows clutter can contribute to stress, whether your style is a minimalist style, traditional, transitional, contemporary or country style, keep clutter at bay. A 2011 studypublished in the Journal of Neuroscience found that multiple stimuli in your line of sight compete for your brain’s attention. To increase concentration levels while you sit at your desk, embrace a streamlined office. Looking for more ways to set your space up for success? Check out this handy guide.

6.    Watch a Puppy video.  In case you really needed an excuse to watch these adorable puppies discover the joy of a slide, do it for your productivity. A 2012 study found that watching cute videos may actually improve your concentration. That’s a real mood booster.

7.    Keep on sharpening your saw.  Access a pool of resources and information available to female small business owners, to help them advance their business.  Many of these resources are available for free online. Here is a collection of 15 top-notch resources aimed at helping female entrepreneurs explore to keep on learning and growing business opportunities.

8.    LinkedIn Headline Mobile Hack you will love.  Your Headline is vital to expressing your value proposition to your LinkedIn audience. Based on the new LinkedIn interface, the Headline only allows for 120 characters, which often limits your ability to complete your thought or get an entire point across. Or, so you thought.  If you update your headline on the Mobile app, your characters are practically endless. Okay, infinity is a bit of an exaggeration, it does go on beyond 200. Go ahead - try it!

Travelling/Beach Hacks

9.    Cheap Flight Hack.Put your browser in incognito mode to find the cheapest flights, because websites may change prices if they know your search history.

10.  Highway Hack.  Not sure which side of the road your exit's on? Check the small exit sign on top of the larger road sign. If it's on the left side, your exit will be on the left side of the highway.

11.  Sunscreen Hack.  Can't reach your back when applying SPF? Squirt your sunscreen onto plastic wrap, and rub it on your back like you would a towel.

12.  Hotel Hack.  Since hotels are full of germs, cover the remote with a plastic baggie before using.

13.  Smart Packing Hack.  When packing, put your shoes in a shower cap. This will keep the rest of your stuff clean while you travel.

14.  Wrinkled Shirt Hack.Use your flat iron to press out small wrinkles in your shirt when you're in a time crunch.
Do you have a hack of your own you would like to share?  Please send your hack to

Written by  Elaine Mikesell, Ph.D., Digital Consulting Managing Partner of WSI.

Professional Women's Club of Chicago, PWCC is a Chicago based networking organization that provides networking connections that support, enrich and inspire women to advance professionally and personally. Members come from public and private sectors, multi-billion dollar corporations, mid-size and small businesses, as well as, non-profit organizations. Membership is open to women from all industries in all stages of their careers who want to develop a strong lifelong network. Learn more about membership and upcoming activities

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